Wednesday, November 19, 2008

JBoss Web 2.1.1 GA Released

JBoss Web 2.1.1 GA is now available. Built on Apache Tomcat 6.0.x, JBoss
Web 2.1 is a standalone web container which includes advanced features:
- Native libraries leveraging Apache APR and OpenSSL for optimalperformance and scalability
- Highly flexible URL rewriting module
- Advanced event driven Servlet API, including non blocking IO, which greatly expands on the Apache Tomcat 6.0 Comet API
- Comet support using Apache Tomcat Bayeux API
- NIO optimized character IO
- PHP support
- mod_cluster support (see the mod_cluster project at

JBoss Web 2.1.1 GA is the web container embedded inside JBoss AS 5.

Downloads page:

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Jaikiran said...

The download link seems to be broken. It shows a "No such category jboss-web" ERROR message